Brie Larson - ASOS Magazine - March 2014

Lea Michele shooting the music video for ‘On My Way’


Puppies starting a primitive fire-worshipping cult.

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Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

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Horror movie idea: a succubus who picks up guys at bookstores by playing manic pixie dream girl. They go on a date and everything’s perfect. The entire movie is an indie rom com until they sleep together for the first time and she rips out his heart and eats it. The movie emds with her “accidentally bumping into” another guy at a bookstore. The cycle begins again

arden_choBout to do a lacrosse panel w/ this monkey @thebitecon!! Ready???

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“Ugh, you’re so adorable. I want to be friends with you,” I whisper as I like your posts and never speak to you.

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Dylan O’brien - Wondercon

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